An Explanation of My Blog Post Themes

As stated in A Grand Introduction to the Blog, I intend to post on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, and Saturday’s, and each day will associate with a theme.

One can expect multiple things in a Little Talk Tuesday post, including either a story, a discussion on a random topic, or whatever I feel like talking about.

Thursdays are reserved for literary recommendations (novels, short stories, poems). If you’re looking for something to read, then be on the lookout for a Recommendation Thursday post. If you have a recommendation of your own, then use RecommendationThursday as a tag on your WordPress post or email me:

Each week will end with Share Something Saturday. This day is meant for coming together and enjoying each other’s work, whether it be a novel, a short story, a poem, or song lyrics. I also encourage ideas and works in progress to be shared. If you post your content on your WordPress blog, then use ShareSomethingSaturday as a tag. If you’re not on WordPress, or you want to share your work with me only, then you can email your work to me: I know it isn’t always easy to share your own writing or ideas with others, but I believe that doing so can be beneficial for one’s growth as a writer. 

Btdubs, if you choose to take part in Recommendation Thursday or Share Something Saturday, then you can do so on any day of the week. You don’t actually have to post on Thursday or Saturday. Those are just the days I will post. Whenever you choose to post, please be sure to still use the tags mentioned. This allows other Leeks, including myself, to find your post. 

Don’t be afraid to share! 

Stay tuned for future posts. 


2 thoughts on “An Explanation of My Blog Post Themes

  1. Gabby, I love love love how you have organized your blog posts… what you are building will be really incredible and the space you have made for others to show up with their work and share words. Can’t wait to watch it grow!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That means a lot! I think the idea of writers coming together to share our love for words is a truly wonderful thing. Like writing, the growing process of my blog will be slow, but I feel it’ll be worth it. Thanks for paying a visit!

      Liked by 1 person

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